I had the pleasure of being part of one of the teams that held a panel talk in the »Arena« at the Design Academy's Graduation Show during Dutch Design Week 2022. Together with @rebekkajochem, @tfpello, @marie_verdeil, Jan Schulz, and our expert guest Ron Wakkary I discussed the relevance of data in shaping human perception, the concept of black box technologies, and which role design plays in the constitution of both. In order to manifest the presence of data and technology as constant, determining factors in our environment, we developed a concept and designed a customized interface consisting of two interactive components that complement our talk. You can watch the full panel discussion in the video down below.
what's in
the box?
This coded slideshow interface displayed images fitting the content of our talk similar to a classic keynote presentation. In addition to that, it utilizes a voice recognition algorithm trained on the keywords »cat«, »box«, »data«, and »technology« that monitored the discussion, triggering visuals and quantifying the contents of the talk into visualized data outputs. In this way, the data collected during the discussion was able to interact with us directly and thus have an immediate influence on the course of our conversation.
I designed this simple intro animation as an announcement for the talk. The image of the cat sitting in a black box was generated with the stable diffusion model DALL·E 2.
We designed this interactive object in order to materialize the abstract concept of black box technology, giving it a tangible form that the audience can interact with. With the aim of demystifying its content, we equipped the box with sensors and speakers that allow it to react to and communicate with its environment.

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