An investigation into the design of memorial sites and the future of the monument in times of postcolonial protest movements — initiated with my fellows from the Information Design department over @Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE). Together we assembled a body of case studies and published them on our self-built research platform in order to open up our findings to the scientific community. I had the great pleasure of working out the logo and visual identity for this project together with my dear friends @nesipi and @eletrico.verde.
Panel Talk @DDW 2021
Accompanying the launch of the platform, we had the great honor of hosting one of the panel talks at the DAE's Graduation show during the Dutch Design Week 2021. There we were able to discuss our findings and positions together with specialists in the field in front of a live audience. For this event, I designed an animated intro sequence that was shown before and after the talk on the Graduation Show's big LED wall.

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