A virtual exhibition concept that addresses the issue of "over-tourism" in Iceland. Using modern techniques such as photogrammetry and machine learning, the exhibition attempts to capture the essence of Icelandic culture and nature in virtual objects in an effort to democratize it. By assembling them into an interactive exhibition, the project explores a speculative approach to outsourcing touristic capacities into a virtual space. In this way, the project proposes an alternative scenario for Iceland's increasing social and environmental problems caused by the impact of excessive tourism.

Elven Rock Scans
These photogrammetric scans of some of Iceland's most authentic cultural treasures—elven rocks—invite the visitor to explore these mythical sites in great detail. By offering the option to edit and modify them, these models can even satisfy the need of creative visitors to leave their mark behind without inflicting permanent damage...

Poetic Edda AI
Through interactions with an AI language model trained on the poetic writings of the Icelandic Sagas, the audience can directly experience and communicate with this piece of cultural heritage and write a new chapter in Iceland's long history.

Landscape AI
Juxtapositions of Icelandic landscape reveal the contrast between what is and what soon might be. These morphing images were generated through a machine learning process based on two different datasets—one containing images of Icelandic urban infrastructure, and the other of Iceland's remarkable natural landscapes.

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